SAPICI launches a new polyurethane anti-corrosion primer

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  • SAPICI innovates the metal primer world proposing a fast drying 2K system which reduces the time lost for the recoatability.
  • Along with the perfect adhesion and flexibility for post forming processes, the system actively participates in anticorrosion effect of the complete coating cycle.

CARONNO PERTUSELLA (VA) – FEBRUARY  24th , 2015. Sapici unveils a new revolutionary 2k coating system which is going to change the world of anticorrosion primers.
It is fast drying therefore it dramatically reduces the time wasted in the recoatability process. It also actively participates in the complete coating cycle anticorrosion effect along with perfect adhesion and flexibility for post forming process. Standard chemistry used for this kind of application is based on epoxy, amino and acrylic system, which require high production cost for the curing, in terms of equipment (furnace, heating room, industrial oven) and time for the recoatabily. SAPICI is glad to introduce a 2k PU metal primer system now able to overcome all these limits and to therefore save energy and time, with a profitable effect on the entire production chain.

SAPICI's POLURGREEN XP AB is a new generation isocyanurate combining in just one product all the following features: fast curing, high solid and low viscosity, good compatibility with a broad range of resins and flexibility. Consequently this product will be ideal for all the industries where a post forming is needed.
The extraordinary characteristics of this new polyurethane can be magnified if joined with resins, acrylic saturated polyester and alkyd, such as REXIN LS124 from SAPICI.
Moreover, the combination of the PU system with the correct filler allows to add more than 40% of filler, to formulate a real fast curing high solid primer. In fact, the system can reach the touch free in just 30 minutes at room temperature, or less than half the time compared to the epoxy system. Furthermore, the greatest advantage of them all consists in saving time for recoating: it requires in fact only 45 to 60 minutes to dry,  compared to the several hours of the traditional process.

The success of this innovative product is also based on the close cooperation between SAPICI and the end users, an always winning synergy which overcomes many practical issues and brings innovation to the industry.
Just to mention some successful cases, the system is applied to containers and trains, where the short curing and recoatability time improve the productivity while keeping high quality level. In addition, it is employed in place of powder coating cycles, allowing the elimination of phoshate treatment,  though keeping the same level of corrosion resistance and without using the oven (@230ºC), thus enabling energy saving.
In sum, SAPICI polyurethane anti-corrosion primer is fast curing, energy saver, high performer and high solid, hence allowing the industry to save time, energy and money, and to also be environmentally friendly.
SAPICI is committed to the industry for better solutions, for a better world.

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