SAPICI reaches a new milestone: POLURGREEN Fast Curing and High Solid hardeners for 2K PU coating

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CARONNO PERTUSELLA (VA) – JUNE 9th, 2015. Sapici reaches a new milestone by developing and patenting the range of POLURGREEN Fast Curing and High Solid hardeners, a highly innovative product that combines high solid, high NCO percentage, high curing speed and low viscosity.
Sapici new versatile system POLURGREEN HS provides multiple opportunities to the formulators in developing new application cycles. In fact, the chance to increase the dry content rate has a prompt impact on body filling/thickness capabilities and, consequently, it allows decreasing the number of basecoats. The positive impact on the entire coating cycle process is significant on both time and work saving, but also on less energy required by fewer steps in the painting and drying processes.
Besides its pioneering features, POLURGREEN HS complies the recently introduced VOC reduction law. China has in fact enforced new measures to reduce pollution, in particular, new limits in coating emissions: VOC reduction with the imposition of a 4% tax on all coatings with a VOC content higher than 420 g/l. POLURGREEN HS will be the answer. It will provide a significant change on VOC reduction.
Sapici POLURGREEN HS does also overcome all the products present in the market. For instance, the likewise environmentally friendly Waterborne and UV systems can be applied mainly on flat surfaces. Therefore, many industries cannot use these systems for the complexity of the surfaces they treat. Sapici innovative hardeners are the solution. They are versatile and suitable for various applications.
POLURGREEN HS represents the best choice for the industry and for the environment as it combines state of the art technology with sustainability.

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