SAPICI at the center of innovation with two international projects

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  • SAPICI announces the approval of two projects that in the context of sustainability and the use of renewable raw materials, demonstrate the continued ability of the Company to evolve and renovate.
  • SAPICI puts its experience in the synthesis of polyurethane systems in search of synergy between petrol chemistry and green chemistry, to expand its offering and provide innovative solutions.

Caronno Pertusella (Varese, Italy) December 29th, 2014. SAPICI has always taken the path of innovation in the direction of sustainability, one of the pillars of its business, and it demonstrates foresight in making conscious choices. The offer of products that fall under the name of polyurethane is thereby extended and it’s also demonstrated the reliability and expertise made available in different application markets.

  • Community financings are new opportunities to enhance the engine of research and development, they are real investments directed to companies able to turn the value in growth. SAPICI runs innovative projects that lead to the patenting of products for whose the company is a worldwide player, as in the case of the POLURGREEN 0,1 range, products with residual monomer under 0,1%. Obtaining a funding, apart from the purely economic advantage, is a source of pride as recognition of its own abilities. Each single project is in fact compared with others similar and analysed by super partes experts who approve only those that follow precise characteristics.  

    SAPICI’s remarkable farsightedness is shown in the ability to invest in a credible vision of the future, in fact the projects that obtain funds are not born at the time of the announcement, but the lines that converge in the calls have been already pursued by the Company.

    SAPICI has been able to frame the key objectives proposed by the Italian Minister and the European Community, offering original and innovative solutions and cooperating in partnerships of excellence. The various subjects of these aggregations cover the entire supply chain, developing a project from the raw materials through processing, up to the end user. It is clear the impact of a research that can guarantee the result by involving actors able to provide specific skills, to respond to concrete needs. 

The first of the two projects, at national level, falls under the Cluster Intelligent Factory and involves 30 partners: 12 Large Enterprises, 13 SMEs, 1 Consortium, 4 universities / public research, throughout the entire Italian territory.

SAPICI is involved into the subgroup “sustainable     products and production technologies for the industry of prepolymers”. The target is to offer new isocyanates with free monomer content <0,1% and with a raw material content from renewable sources  over 40%.

The goal is to explore the new possibilities offered by raw materials from renewable sources.

Today the challenge for formulators is to combine the well-known properties of building-blocks from petrol chemistry with the green chemistry. There are specific industries that provide the raw materials from renewable sources, often the products are coming from other processes, which are chemically new "bricks" with new properties. The sustainable goal for SAPICI is not to aim at 100% BIO/renewable, but to the ability to read the synergies between what is already available to overcome the limits and achieve new properties and results.

Eco-Innovation is the industrialization of a project of the Framework Programme 7, successfully completed: a water-based paint for wood. The objective of SAPICI is the industrialization of the production of a new water based polyurethane dispersion with raw materials from ECO-polyols (with a content of renewable sources > 95%) derived from sub-products of bio-refineries. The fallout of the project ECOVAR CIP on the market is evident, to make available paints that meet the current legislation on emissions of volatile organic compounds, which have significant properties for the end users. The result is a paint to be used with existing application systems, which reduces the use of solvents in the cleaning phase; it must also have excellent properties both aesthetic, such as high brilliance and in terms of performances.

New products will be created concretely, not only with a view to the future, but also in the awareness of the needs of sectors in which SAPICI plays important role. Every new development is obviously,completed by a refinement of the production processes, targeted to the optimization of resources and to increase and ensure quality standards increase. Moreover, the knowledge of the relation between structure and property will be expanded, in order to make it available to SAPICI’s customers, in the view of close cooperation and promotion of innovative projects.

About SAPICI – Established in 1936, S.A.P.I.C.I. S.p.A. is a global innovation and full-quality driven developer and manufacturer of advanced and high-performance polyurethane products for such applications as Coatings, Flexible Packaging, Industrial Adhesives, Prepolymers, Inks, and more. SAPICI combines its product offering with direct and tailored services to its customers worldwide including continued technical assistance, research and development, and industrialization. SAPICI technical knowhow and testing and analysis equipment allow its highly qualified workforce to anticipate and satisfy the needs and requirements of its most demanding customers, contributing to paving their way to further sustainable success. Over 160 SAPICI employees located in the Company’s Commercial Offices and in the three production sites in Italy and China serve their customers supported by a capillary technical and commercial global organization. More information is available at