Style, Protection and Durability are the three main requirements of a coating and it’s what SAPICI can offer with its range. Under the Polyurethane family we cover different chemistry for the formulation of complete system:

  • 2K PU: Alkyd or Saturated polyester + Isocyanate hardener
  • 1K PU: moisture curing resin
  • 1K Urethane Alkyd: drying resin
  • 1K and 2K waterborne PUD and Acrylic

Each product is developed to meet the market needs and we do our best to respect the regulations and to make our product safer combining Sustainability and Innovation.

SAPICI’s Technical Assistance is committed to supporting customers in the hard job of finding the right products or system for each kind of application: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Leather & Textile, Paper and Concrete.