SAPICI Launches its New Electrical Conducting Casting Elastomer Line

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The new SAPICI POLURCAST EC Elastomer Line combines electrical conductivity with elevated chemical and mechanical properties.
Ideal for the production of wheels, tires, rolls, gears, conductive sheets and other applications requiring high-hardness.

Caronno Pertusella (VA, Italy­­­) October 31, 2013 – SAPICI announces it is launching its new line of electrically conductive prepolymers for polyurethane casting applications without carbon black.

The new SAPICI POLURCAST EC line, developed by the company’s new R&D Laboratories in San Cipriano Po (Pavia, Italy), is characterized by electrical conductivity values that make it ideal for applications where discharge of electrostatic charges is necessary along with elevated chemical and mechanical properties.
The SAPICI POLURCAST EC prepolymers have been perfected for the production of such applications as wheels (for forklifts and other equipment), tires, rolls (including rolls for printing machines), gears, conductive sheets and other applications requiring high hardness elastomers. Most common applications are in the Chemical and Petrochemical, Paint and Lacquer and Automotive industries, as well as in contexts, areas and operations where the risk of fire or explosion has to be considered.
SAPICI innovative POLURCAST EC prepolymers are nano-technology based products characterized by very low free TDI content. Blended with curing amines, they allow for the production of high-performance electrically conductive PU elastomers proven to be suitable for very demanding applications.
The SAPICI POLURCAST EC Line is a complete and versatile range of products. As an example, an elastomeric material with final electrical volume resistance lower than 10000 (104 Ω) can be obtained by using the SAPICI POLURCAST PE95A-01EC without impacting either the equipment or the process conditions typically used in the casting industry.
“Since 1936 SAPICI grounds its products and services global offering on internal advanced R&D capabilities. We aim at becoming the technical partner of our customers, understanding and satisfying their most challenging needs, and this is one of the values that make of SAPICI their supplier of choice, particularly when it comes to special requirements and innovative solutions in the polyurethane industry,” commented at SAPICI.

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