SAPICI announces allocation on HDI and IPDI derivates worldwide
SAPICI Announces allocation on HDI and IPDI derivates worldwide

Effective January 15, 2021, SAPICI informs all its customer on the allocation of HDI and IPDI derivates. The reason is direct consequence of the global extreme tensions on the main raw materials (HDI and IPDI monomer).

The following products are impacted by the allocation:

Hydrorene AW1

Hydrorene AW1 01

Hydrorene AW 4

Hydrorene AW 4 01

Hydrorene AW 5 01

Hydrorene AW 6 01

Polurene BK 1175

Polurene BK 1375

Polurene M75 ( MPAX/BA/MPA)

Polurene MT 100 100 LLV

Polurene MT 100 LV

Polurene MT 100

Polurene MT90

Polurene MT75

Polurene OK K

Polurene OKD

Polurene OKD EA

Polurene OKDS

Polurene OKHP

Polurene T70

Polurene T70 EA

Polurgreen MT 100 LLV 01

Polurgreen MT 100 LV01

Polurgreen MT100 01

Polurgreen MT 75 01

Polurgreen MT90 01

Polurgreen OK 01

Polurgreen OK 01 K

Ucoflex 630 IB

Ucopol W 708

Ucopol W 710

Ucopol W 712

Ucopol OL W 41 55 WD

Uni-dur E 1001 RN

This action is adopted in order to inform you about the sudden and unexpected crisis on these important raw materials.

SAPICI Sales team will do its best to keep you informed about any improvement.