Nonylphenol Free, Sapici committed to Health Safety

Sapici is concerned about safety and environment thus committed in creating and patenting safer and more eco-friendly products. This is the premise for developing Polurene NPF, our newest green blocked isocyanate.
The innovatory Polurene NPF replaces Nonylphenol, toxic for human health and environment, with an eco-friendly blocking agent, still keeping intact all its properties.
Polurene is a product employed in indoor spaces especially in adhesive for parquet and surfaces subject to continuous stress. The presence of the harmful Nonylphenol in its formula represents a serious hazard for human health as this substance tends to release during deblocking process and can be inhaled by people with dangerous health effects.
In fact the European Union included substances like Nonylphenol in SVHC candidate list (Substance of Very High Concern); while Germany labelled it as EMICODE EC1 in order to protect end users. German approach and its severe actions could, as happened in the past, be acknowledged on a larger scale.
Polurene NPF overcomes the toxicity with its green formula and therefore the above labelling including the GHS, making it a safe product to be handled, transported and used.
A further advantage for adopting NPF products resides in the fact that they are classified no dangerous good for transport (ADR, IMDG), thus reducing sensibly the transportation costs.
Sapici is incessantly engaged in making the world a better and safer place and  Polurene NPF is another important step in this process.